Important Tips for Candle Care and Safety

I always like to say that if you take care of your candle, your candle will take care of you. Here are a few tips for candle safety and to keep your candles burning for longer! Remember that most of this information can be found on the warning label on the bottom of your candle.

  • MOST IMPORTANT- Always burn within sight and never for more than 4 hours at a time. It is tempting to light it and leave or walk away but this is a fire hazard and can over-work the wick, causing it to work less efficiently. If you would like constant fragrance, consider buying Inspire Natural Goods Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, or Wax Melts.


  • Once there is only ¼ in of wax remaining, stop burning the candle. I know there is a tiny bit left, but continuing to burn it could cause the vessel to break and possibly cause heat damage to surfaces. You can melt out the little bit that’s left and reuse the jar as a pencil holder, planter, etc.


  • Trim the wick low before each lighting. After burning the wick will be black and a little curled. Trim that off so that the flame can be low and controlled and burn more slowly.


  • Always let the entire surface melt each burn or the candle may tunnel and not burn evenly.


  • Keep the candle free of dust, debris and wick trimming because anything sitting in the wax can potentially become a hazard.